Palazzo Cento Civic Museum

The archaeological collection has been recently set up inside Palazzo Cento, a noble residence dated 16th century that conserves as well an interesting art gallery, a fine ceramics collection (produced in Pollenza between 1810 and 1905), vintage furniture and a peculiar crucifixes’ collection. The archaeological collection is situated in the first room, located at the first level, but before entering this room, you can find in the entrance corridor a feminine, headless and fragmented statue. The original structure is dated 16th century, but it has been renovated during the 17th and the 18th centuries, which had unavoidably changed its original aspect.


Nome della tabella
Indirizzo Via Roma, 32
Proprietà Comunale
Telefono +39 0 733 548 711
Situazione Visits on request only.

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Questa è la sezione del sito istituzionale del Comune di del Comune di Pollenza dedicata al turismo. Per le informazioni che riguardano l'Ente, vai alla home
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