Town Art Gallery

Inside of Palazzo Cento’s museum, you can find the Town Art Gallery. It is very representative concerning the most important painters in Pollenza and their artistic carrier. Here you can find as well canvas painted by other important artists that, even if they were not from Pollenza, lived for a few time in our territory and felt in love with it, and sometimes they painted it as well in their canvas.
The main nucleus of the museum concerns the accurate collections of two citizens: Giuseppe Fammilume and Don Nazzareno Buldorini who, since 1928 researched, catalogued and conserved objects, papers, documents and everything that could testify the historical evolution of the city. The museum’s collection has been enriched by donations from the heirs of the cardinal Fernando Cento and from the families Niccolai, Monti, Failla, and other citizens. There are as well some contemporary art paintings made by painters from Pollenza.


Nome della tabella
Indirizzo Via Roma, 32
Telefono +39 0 733 548 711
Situazione Visits on request only
Costruzione Istituito nel 1928
Numeri ca 1000

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